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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Best Paper Award Guidelines

The Network for Business Sustainability will present a Best Paper Award at Ivey's 2013 PhD Sustainability Academy.


A cash prize of $500 will be provided.


The Best Paper will be chosen based on the following criteria and weighting:

  • Rigour of Research - 50%
  • Quality of Writing and Ability to Communicate Complex Ideas - 25%
  • Potential of Research to Impact Management Theory or Practice - 25%


The Academy's faculty will each nominate a paper. Each faculty will then evaluate all nominated papers.


The award will be presented during the Academy. The winning paper will be featured in the fall edition of the Network for Business Sustainability's newsletter.

About the Network for Business Sustainability

The Network for Business Sustainability envisions a world where Canadian enterprises contribute to prosperous economies, healthy ecosystems and strong communities. The Network enables business sustainability by fostering collaboration between research and practice.

The Network aims to:

  • Build and grow a community of researchers and practitioners of business sustainability.
  • Develop a database of state-of-the-art business sustainability knowledge that is relevant to practice.
  • Create opportunities to develop new knowledge that spurs innovation in enterprises.

We invite you to subscribe to the Network by visiting The Network is comprised of more than 1,300 business sustainability researchers and students and has more than 1,000 corporate newsletter subscribers.