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2022 Publications

Refereed Articles

Adisa, T.; Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Adekoya, O.; Beauregard, A.; Dickmann, M., 2022, "The ‘New Normal’ in Work Life Balance: The Impact of Covid-19 and ‘Working from Home’ on Employees’ Boundary and Border Management", British Journal of Management, November, forthcoming.                   

Andrews, D. S.; Fainshmidt, S.; Ambos, T.; Haensel, K., 2022, "The Attention-based View and the Multinational Corporation: Review and Research Agenda", Journal of World Business, November, forthcoming.                

Andrews, D. S.; Fainshmidt, S.; Schotter, A.; Gaur, A., 2022, "Formal Institutional Context in Global Strategy Research: A Layer Cake Perspective", Global Strategy Journal, November, forthcoming. 

Andrews, D. S.; Nell, P.; Schotter, A.; Laamanen, T., 2022, "And the subsidiary lives on: Harnessing complex realities in the contemporary MNE", Journal of International Business Studies, November, forthcoming.                         

Antonacopoulou, E. A., 2022, "Partnering for Impact: A Grand Challenge and Design for Co-creating a Just, Resilient, and Flourishing Society", The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, November, forthcoming        

Arjalies, D-L., 2022, "Prison break from financialization: The case of the PRI Reporting and Assessment Framework", Accounting Auditing & Accountability Journal, November, forthcoming.          

Arjalies, D-L.; Chollet, P.; Crifo, P.; Mottis, N., 2022, "The Motivations and Practices of Impact Assessment in Socially Responsible Investing: The French Case and its Implications for the Accounting and Impact Investing Communities", Social and Environmental Accountability Journal, December.       

Arjalies, D-L.; Gibassier, D., 2022, "Can financialization save nature? The case of endangered species", Contemporary Accounting Research, November, forthcoming.            

Bansal, P., 2022, "Temporal Work: The Strategic Organization of Time", Strategic Organization, December, 20 (1).           

Bracht, E. M.; Monzani, L.; Boer, D.; Haslam, S. A.; Kerschreiter, R.; Lemoine, J. E.; Steffens, N. K.; Akfirat, S. A.; Avanzi, L.; Barghi, B., et al., 2022, "Innovation Across Cultures: Connecting Leadership, Identification, and Creative Behavior in Organizations", Applied Psychology-An International Review-Psychologie Appliquee-Revue Internationale, December.         

Branzei, O.; Fathallah, R., 2022, "The End of Resilience? Managing Vulnerability Through Temporal Resourcing and Resisting", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, November: 104225872110538 - 104225872110538, forthcoming.         

Byrne, J., 2022, "What about us? Fostering authenticity in entrepreneurship education", Academy of Management Learning & Education, November, forthcoming.                          

Chang, H. C.; Ghaddar, B.; Nathwani, J., 2022, "Shared community energy storage allocation and optimization", Applied Energy, December, 318.

Cherniwchan, J.; Najjar, N., 2022, "Do Environmental Regulations Affect the Decision to Export?", American Economic Journal-Economic Policy, November, forthcoming.  

Chintapalli, P.; Tang, C. S., 2022, "Crop Minimum Support Price versus Cost Subsidy: Farmer and Consumer Welfare", Production and Operations Management, December.                  

Chintapalli, P.; Tang, C. S., 2022, "The Implications of Crop Minimum Support Price in the Presence of Myopic and Strategic Farmers", European Journal of Operational Research, December.

Dai, L.; Eden, L.; Beamish, P. W., 2022, "The timing and mode of foreign exit from conflict zones: A behavioral perspective,", Journal of International Business Studies, November.         

Dippel, C., 2022, "Political Parties Do Matter in U.S. Cities ... For Their Unfunded Pensions", American Economic Journal-Economic Policy, December, 14 (3): 1 - 23.            

Dippel, C.; Gold, R.; Heblich, S.; Pinto, R., 2022, "The Effect of Trade on Workers and Voters", The Economic Journal, December, 132 (641): 199 - 217.                    

Hernandez Bark, A.; Monzani, L.; Van Dick, R., 2022, "I am one of you! Prototypicality as a Facilitator for female leaders", Frontiers in Psychology, November, 13: 1 - 21.          

Hofstetter, J. S.; De Marchi, V.; Sarkis, J.; Govindan, K.; Klassen, R. D.; Ometto, A. R.; Spraul, K. S.; Bocken, N.; Ashton, W. S.; Sharma, S., et al., 2022, "From Sustainable Global Value Chains to Circular Economy—Different Silos, Different Perspectives, but Many Opportunities to Build Bridges", Circular Economy and Sustainability, December.        

Jain, S.; Gualandris, J., 2022, "When does upcycling mitigate climate change? The case of wet spent grains and fruit and vegetable residues in Canada", Journal of Industrial Ecology, November, forthcoming.             

Johnson, P. F.; Klassen, R. D., 2022, "New Directions for Research in Green Public Procurement: The Challenge of Inter-Stakeholder Tensions", Journal of Cleaner Logistics and Supply Chain, December.             

Kristofferson, K.; Daniels, M. E.; Morales, A. C., 2022, "Using virtual reality to increase charitable donations", Marketing Letters, December, 33 (1): 75 - 87.          

Laasch, O.; Moosmayer, D.; Antonacopoulou, E. A., 2022, "A Competence Framework and Pedagogy for Responsible Management: Interweaving Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability", Journal of Business Ethics, November.       

Monzani, L.; Frenzel, S.; Junker, N. M.; Bolatov, A.; Haslam, S. A.; Haslam, C.; Hausser, J. A.; Kark, R.; Mojzisch, L.; Reicher, S. D., et al., 2022, "Keeping ‘US’ Safe: Evidence that National Leaders’ Identity Leadership Predicts Adherence to COVID-19 Health-protective Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions", Bmj Open, December.   

Monzani, L.; Mateu, G.; Ripoll, P.; Lira, E. M.; Piero, J. M., 2022, "Managing in the New Normal: Positive Management Leads to Higher Goal Attainment, Commitment, and Perceived Efficacy in Virtual Work Settings", Frontiers in Psychology, November.          

Nemes, N.; Scanlan, S. J.; Smith, P.; Smith, T.; Aronczyk, M.; Hill, S.; Lewis, S. L.; Montgomery, A. W.; Tubiello, F. N.; Stabinsky, D., et al., 2022, "An Integrated Framework to Assess Greenwashing", Sustainability, December, 14 (8): 4431 - 4431.    

Nguyen, J. N.; Le, Q. V.; Ha, J. T., 2022, "Impacts of Health and Safety Concerns on E-Commerce and Service Reconfiguration During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights from an Emerging Economy", Service Science, November, forthcoming.           

Okuyan, C. B.; Caglar, S.; Begen, M. A., 2022, "How does the COVID-19 pandemic influence educational and psychological health of nursing students in Turkey: What can be done to minimize adverse effects of the pandemic?", Technium Education and Humanities, December, 2 (4): 63 - 72.       

Premsankar, G.; Ghaddar, B., 2022, "Energy-Efficient Service Placement for Latency-Sensitive Applications in Edge Computing", IEEE Internet of Things Journal, December, 9 (18): 17926 - 17937.      

Rawski, S. R.; Foster, J. F.; Bailenson, J., 2022, "Sexual Harassment Bystander Training Effectiveness: Experimentally Comparing 2D Video to Virtual Reality Practice", Technology, Mind and Behavior, December, 3 (2).            

Rawski, S. R.; O'Leary-Kelly, A. M.; Breaux-Soignet, D., 2022, "It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt: An Interactional Framing Theory of Work Social Sexual Behavior", Academy of Management Review, November, 47: 617 - 636.

Schaufele, B., 2022, "Curvature and Competitiveness: Carbon Taxes in Cattle Markets", American Journal Of Agricultural Economics, November, forthcoming.                       

Seijts, G. H., 2022, "Character and Trust in Crisis Leadership: Probing the Relationships Among Character, Identification-Based Trust, and Perceptions of Effectiveness in Political Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic", The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, November, forthcoming.          

Sharma, G.; Greco, A.; Grewatsch, S.; Bansal, P., 2022, "Cocreating Forward: How Researchers and Managers Can Address Problems Together", Academy of Management Learning & Education, December, 21 (3): 350 - 368.      

Van Dick, R.; Cordes, B. L.; Lemoine, J. E.; Steffens, N. K.; Haslam, S. A.; Akfirat, S. A.; Ballada, J. A.; Bazarov, T.; Aruta, J. J. B. R.; Avanzi, L., et al., 2022, "Identity Leadership, Employee Burnout, and the Mediating Role of Team Identification: Evidence from the Global Identity Leadership Development Project", International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, November. 

Yu, H.; Bansal, P.; Arjalies, D-L., 2022, "International Business is Contributing to the Environmental Crisis", Journal of International Business Studies, November, forthcoming.     


Holburn, G. L. F.; Rahi, S.; Rivard, B., 2022, Electrification and Investment in Electricity Infrastructure: Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre.    


Antonacopoulou, E. P., 2022, Putting Love First: Redefining Managing, Organizing, and the Future of Work, Love and Organization: Lessons of Love for Human Dignity, Leadership and Motivation.       


Montgomery, A. W., 2022, Biodynamic in California: Organizational Cognition and Learning with Complexity, Academy of Management Conference, December.

Montgomery, A. W., 2022, Why Firms Hide Their Light: Brownwash, Silence, and Variegated Stakeholder Non-Communication, Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability, December.            

Montgomery, A. W., 2022, Why Firms Hide Their Light: Brownwash, Silence, and Variegated Stakeholder Non-Communication, Academy of Management Conference, ONE Division, December

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