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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Pablo Hennique

I was brought up in Mexico City, and have been lucky enough to travel, study, and work in several locations around Europe and North America including France, Spain and Mexico. These experiences have made me who I am today and have granted me a global perspective along with stronger interpersonal skills. I like to think that my positive attitude and strong work ethic helped me earn a spot in one of the best business schools in Canada and allowed me to successfully lead both a team of cold callers for a marketing job and a student run organization which main focus is to raise awareness for Latin America.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability
I strongly believe that finding a balance in everything we do is essential for our lives; whether it is through our personal lives, our community or at work. For me, sustainability is the constant attempt to find a balance between the environment, different social groups and the current profit-driven behavior of many corporations. In order to achieve a balance between these three players it is essential to make socio-economic decision with sustainability always as criteria. Sustainability should not only be something to considered, but if we want successful sustainable projects and strategies as a trend, it must turn into a way of thinking.

I must acknowledge that my personal experience in sustainability is somewhat limited. I have been involved in some environmental groups within my community such as Three Hundred Monkeys, which focuses on helping and protecting the environment in London ON through a vast array of activities like cleaning parks or planting trees. However, the reason why I am interested in this certificate is not because of my pas experiences, but the opportunities this certificate will open for me in order to make an impact in society. Sustainability highly interests me, since I truly believe it is a growing science that will play an important roll in years to come. I would be excited to develop initiatives that create and strengthen sustainability strategies amongst diverse industries and companies for a living.