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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Ali Kanji

I am a passionate and hard-working student, always trying to give a helping hand. Some hobbies that I have are playing and watching sports (especially soccer), watching movies, and listening to music. I love being in the outdoors, especially going on camping/canoeing trips in the wilderness. In terms of religious views, I am an Ismaili Muslim. I have always been brought up looking to volunteer in the community and to help those in need.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

My definition of sustainability is preserving and appreciating all the natural resources we have been given in our lives and using it to make this world a better and cleaner place to live in. I believe we are given these resources to live out our lives – but not to abuse the resources and take it for advantage. Personally, I feel sustainability and community development go hand in hand and that we should be starting with the communities who have some of these resources available but don't have the knowledge and expertise to use them, and cannot afford other costly options. To make a difference, I feel that leading by example and then educating the world about how everyone can make a significant impact in their daily lives can help contribute to the sustainability of this world.


During this summer, I am planning on completing the Service Learning in Africa trip, which would take place during May. During this course, I am hoping to interact and get involved within the communities that I would be placed in and use my knowledge and abilities to aid in the development of the community and help those in need. I really hope I can use my skills learned throughout my life to help those who have not been as privileged as I have been. Furthermore, I am planning on staying in Africa for a couple months after the program, where I will hopefully be able to find a placement at a not-for-profit institution with sustainability initiatives. I am very interested in finding an internship with a microfinance institution because I feel I would be able to add a lot of value, due to the combination of my passion for sustainability and my financial skills learned at Ivey. Otherwise, I am hoping to work on any projects going on helping to provide resources to the needy – like a clean-water project, electricity to village project, etc. I have spoken to many people about my plans for the summer, and most people seem to really want to help and get me involved, mostly because of the passion they have for this field, which has drawn me closer as well.