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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Charis Jung

I am an HBA1 student, having completed first two years in the MOS Program at Western. I have a variety of interests ranging from various forms of art (theatre, dance) to business and international development. I have been actively involved on campus, for example as a Career Leader (at Student Success Centre) for the past two years. My career aspiration is to work in the field of international and economic development, more specifically to work with children in disadvantageous parts of the world.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

My definition of sustainability is acting with responsibility. It means thinking beyond oneself, into the lives of future generations and determining, if the current actions will leave a positive impact for them. Whether it pertains to the corporate setting or in third-world countries that are in the midst of economic development, sustainability means to be wary of and realizing solutions that can maintain long-term growth, without imposing negative consequences on the environment, local people, consumers and all other stakeholders.


Two summers ago, I went to Dhaka, Bangladesh on a community outreach trip. There, I volunteered at medical clinics in multiple locations within slum communities, spread out throughout the capital city of Dhaka, where poverty is dominant and people struggle to make ends meet. The medical clinics were set up to provide a discounted alternative (or sometimes even free) for people who could not afford hospitals, and I experienced the lack of and need for basic necessities in these parts of the world. I was glad to be helping out at the clinics that were working towards a more sustainable neighbourhood through medical care in its community.

In high school, I was a part of a club called Students Without Boundaries. This club was dedicated to fundraising for initiatives around the world, and one was the Grenada Project. The Grenada Project is a not-for-profit organization that helps disadvantageous people on the island of Grenada. We fundraised money to send clothing, food, medical supplies, and building materials for people in Grenada, who were still recovering from Hurricane Ivan. Also, indirectly the funds were used towards developing economically sustainable agriculture programs, which was very meaningful to our group.

This summer, I am planning to go on a community outreach to India.