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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Clarke Eaton

I'm a 21-year-old Ontario-born transfer student from Dalhousie University. I am interested in environmental sustainability and the relationships between people, business, and the environment.

I like being active in nature and like to travel. I lived in France as an exchange student and hope to go on exchange next year to Brazil. For the past three years I have been living on the east coast and working at a psychiatric prison during the summer. I am interested in topics related to renewable energy and industrial ecology. My research interests revolve around coral reefs and waste management.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

Sustainability is a way to think about making business decisions to act in the best interest of the environment and society. This way of thinking allows strategic resources to last into the future for as long as they continue to benefit the firm and its stakeholders.

Sustainability is also a way of living. It is a commitment to look beyond the personal impacts of decisions and to consider other stakeholders. It is a commitment to improving life and processes to provide better opportunities for the future.


Sustainability has played a major role in my academic life. I studied environmental resource management at Dalhousie University prior to Ivey. I am very interested in aquatic ecosystems. After extensive research diagnosing the relationship between Filipino fishers, coral reefs, and the live reef fish trade, I was able to test a theoretical solution in a masters-level course around the topic of environmental assessment. Other than my research, I connect with the ocean as an avid scuba diver and enjoyed surfing while living on the east coast.

I am enrolled on the Service Learning trip to Africa this summer. The trip is a chance to help business leaders elsewhere learn how to think about decisions surrounding their organization holistically. Seeing the bigger picture and understanding the impacts of a decision will allow a business to be sustainable over the long-term. Therefore, this opportunity is a chance to spread sustainability across Africa.