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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Daniel Otamendi

Daniel Otamendi, was born September 7, 1990 in Mexico City, Mexico. He lived there until he was eight years old, at which point his family moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. Daniel came to the University of Western Ontario, where he pursued an Honors Specialization in International Relations. Upon completing that program, he enrolled in the HBA Program at Ivey. Having completed a degree in the Social Sciences, he wanted to purse a business administration program to learn additional practical and transferable career skills. With his long-standing interest in entrepreneurship, studying business administration felt like a natural choice, especially with the renowned Ivey School Business operating at his alma mater.

Daniel's long-term career goal is to become an entrepreneur. In order to nurture the skills that will make him a successful entrepreneur, he wants to initially gain experience working in a variety of functional roles. Daniel believes the CPG industry would be an excellent starting point to achieve this goal since the industry encompasses most facets of business from finance to corporate responsibility.

In his free time, Daniel likes to play sports, learn something new, and catch up on movies or TV shows that he has neglected during the school year. He is currently the captain of his section intramural soccer team and has started experimenting with squash through the Ivey Squash Club. Furthermore, as an inquisitive individual, Daniel continuously seeks opportunities for personal development be it through reading the news, watching a documentary, or reaching out to experts in a field that interests him. At Ivey, he participates in several extracurricular activities including the Ivey LEADER Project and the Ivey Lawrence National Centre for Policy & Management Internship.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

Although the discourse on sustainability today is primarily centred on environmental issues, I believe sustainability has a far wider reach. For me, sustainability means pursuing a balance between business interests today and the business, social, human, and environmental interests of tomorrow. It is about finding comfort in a world where little is wasted and common resources are shared and preserved.

I believe sustainability is the responsibility of the current generation. We must become more aware about and manage the long-term consequences of our actions. We must be responsible for our behavior and endeavor to leave future generations with the same opportunities we enjoyed.


Ever since I joined the Recycling Team in elementary school, I've developed a strong responsibility for playing my part in sustainability. I am motivated by the ability to make up for the people that lack the interest in managing their effects on the environment.

When I arrived at Western, I began to look for ways to get involved in the school community. I remember wanting to recycle a pair of AA batteries as I did not want to send them to the landfill. I began to inquire about recycling programs on campus and I was directed to EnviroWestern. After attending the club's first meeting, I knew EnviroWestern was the right way for me to integrate into UWO. In my first year, I joined the project team charged with initiating a campaign to fight back against the waste created by Tim Horton's Roll-up-the-Rim-to-Win Campaign. One year later, I became an Executive of the Club and helped run other campaigns such as waste audits, campus cleanups, and even assisted with the launch of Purple Bikes. At Ivey I am a member of the Sustainability Club and I intend on taking a bigger role with that club next year.