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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Frederick Leong

I am an HBA1 student born and raised in Canada. I am aspiring to start a career in marketing or accounting and my long-term goals aim at being a part of the transition to a sustainable future for China. My hobbies and interests include sports, manga, and a strong passion for international food.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

My personal definition of sustainability is a future where my children can live with a peaceful state of mind and be able to witness natural wonders, like rainforests and animals, firsthand. I believe that corporations have a responsibility to make efforts proportional to their size; with increased growth and revenue, it is only appropriate that corporations make efforts to reduce any negatives impacts they may be having on the world. I would like to be a part of human's efforts to coexist with the world, rather than narrowly focusing on future growth and profits.


During high school, I was heavily invested in the Environmental Club. I acted as the club's VP Promotion. I publicly advocated the club's activities and initiatives, such as the school-wide public garbage removal movement. In university, I have been informally involved in sustainability by volunteering for park cleanups and animal sanctuaries. I am currently the Ivey Sustainability Club representative for my section and have helped with raising awareness and getting donations for the plastic water bottle initiative. For the summer of 2013, I plan on applying for internships related to my future career path. In terms of accounting and getting into the groups previously mentioned, I am applying for internships at accounting firms and for accounting functions at companies. In terms of sustainability, I plan on applying for the internship in Ghana with Youth Challenge International or in companies related to the subject, like Newalta. A more abstract goal that has recently come to light is exploring London's future in composting. Toronto and parts of the GTA has a composting program and although further research is necessary, I want this program to translate to London.