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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

George Wong

Prior coming to Ivey, I was studying Social Justice and Peace Studies where I developed a large interest in social responsibility. I have a strong love for Western, and have since contributed to a number of activities such as our university's orientation program and a campus wide anti-homophobia campaign. I was previously part of the largest student-run organization in the world, AIESEC, where I helped send students abroad on international internships and most recently elected as president of my class section. These experiences have taught me that I thrive in team-work situations and value relationship building.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

My personal definition of sustainability is being able to create a positive everlasting impact all within an ethical and considerate method. Living sustainably is not only caring about the end profit goal, but also the impacts your actions can have on external and internal environments. There are many noble sustainable ventures once could pursue such as green environmental initiatives or social community focused programs. However I believe that the most important factor shared between these projects, is the philosophy of helping communities while eliminating any negative affecting actions.


I have been a part of a variety of sustainability projects in the past. Whether it is simply participating in an event, or sharing an eye-opening documentary on my Facebook page, I am constantly engaging in things that align with my personal values.

Youth Assisting Youth is a non-profit organization that pairs kids-at-risk aged 6-13 with volunteer mentors in the community. I was previously a part of their summer programming team that has allowed me to see first-hand the help various communities that need in Toronto.

I have also been doing work with an organization called Global Importune. Started by a local Londoner, I sign letters of support for the release of innocent individuals help captive by governments as deemed by Amnesty international. Collectively we send over one hundred letters a month to forward the interests of human rights.

This summer I am excited to be traveling with the LEADER project to teach valuable business skills to local entrepreneurs in Europe. As a two year program, I have not only been preparing for my teaching trip, but also spreading the awareness of international development within the Ivey community.