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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Lauren Hurst

I am a 2014 HBA candidate at the Ivey School of Business. I am very passionate about marketing, philanthropy/non-profits, and consulting. I felt sustainable initiatives encompass all of these sectors and can help me align my career with a firm that has triple bottom line focus. Despite my professional ambitions, I am a very active and outgoing person that loves to run, ski, and travel. I love meeting new people, exploring the world, and I definitely embrace every day.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

When people think of sustainability, environmentally friendly processes and the conservation of natural resources often come to mind. But to me, sustainability is much more than ecological processes; it involves an overarching interconnected set of principles that embody social, economic, and ecological systems leading to long-term growth and progression. Sustainability applies to business because it encompasses decisions and actions pertaining to a firm's growth and strategy. Whether leading a corporation or your own personal life, sustainability plays a key role in managing interconnected processes that influence your long-term decision-making.


Last summer, I worked as an Intern for Humber River's Hospital Foundation, raising money for the first fully digital hospital in North America. My experience with patients, donors, and corporate leaders have furthered my interpersonal skills and affirmed my passion for making a difference and working with people. Working on the hospitals capital campaign, sustainability came into play looking to expand healthcare measures to ensure quality long-term patient care. The new hospital dealt with many social, political, and environmental aspects managing business development and new technological healthcare advances.

This summer I plan on working in the marketing sector to expand my scope in the corporate world. As an intern, I plan on applying sustainable principles to marketing initiatives looking to achieve sustainable growth strategies for the business. I think that sustainability can be applied to make a difference in people lives particularly in marketing, by meeting long term consumer needs. In addition, incorporating sustainable operations in marketable processes ensures that global concerns are being met with respect to conservation, economic growth, and social needs.