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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Maximillian Cherney

I am an athletic male with a focus on outdoor sports. My passion lies in the challenges found in backcountry sports. Out there, I developed a true appreciation for the nature, which I am now keen on protecting. I don't really consider myself the normal business student. The most influential class I took in university was called Minority Groups in which the teacher argued that our economic system was built upon the exploitation of minority groups, which continues today. Coming into Ivey with that in mind has made me seriously question many of the things that we learn at Ivey.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

With an ever-growing population that has increasing needs for resources, an increasing green house gas output, and economic instability, I define sustainability as the efforts to solve these issues. I believe sustainable practices are those that could continue for an infinite amount of time without hitting a disastrous end. As it stands, too much of our economic system constitutes practices that at some point will cause some sort of crashing end.


Up until this point, I am completely inexperienced in the field. However, I am eager to change that. At the moment, I am attempting to find work in Montreal's (my home) green sector. I am currently in touch with two renewable power strategic investment firms hoping to get a summer internship working for either one. I am also in touch with the president of eco-tech, which is an organization that brings together the key decision makers of Quebec's clean-tech sector. Hopefully, she will be able to point me in the right direction. I am also in the running for a summer internship at Newalta, a waste management firm. At this point, I am looking for the opportunity that will give me the best chance to learn because of my inexperience and lack of industry knowledge.