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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Melanie Goldmintz

I am a passionate student determined to make a change. In high-school I completed over 250 volunteer hours helping locally. In university Bob Gough inspired me to make a global change with Western Heads East. It was not until my previous summer volunteering at an orphanage in Peru when I discovered my dream to change the world could not be just a dream. If you ask me what is wrong with society I could write you a novel, if you ask me how we are able to change it, I could write forever.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

Sustainability is the result of continuous reflection and action to change the world for the better. It is our ability to grow our natural resources and develop the minds of children today, to grow strong leaders tomorrow. Sustainability is when companies choose improving quality of life for everyone over profits; consumers choose fair trade over price and societies come together to re-plant the nature we once had. To many, sustainability is maintaining the "status quo" for the future. But to me, sustainability is looking at our current state, and re-defining the status quo to what it should be.


In high school I volunteered weekly mentoring elementary and secondary-school students, while aiding in after school programming and summer camps for fitness and leadership training.

In University Bob Gough inspired me to learn about sustainability through business. Becoming an executive of Western Heads East taught me how conquering health issues through an easy business solution, allowed the community to conquer the health problems through medicine and through the standard of living increased by helping the economy through business. I have also participated in planting trees in London, volunteering with London Regional HIV connection, and mentoring as a residence advisor.

After years of saving money and learning Spanish, I put my passion to work by volunteering in Peru. My passion for building tomorrow's future with today's children grew exponentially as I began volunteering at the orphanage El Arca. I also helped with jungle conservation in Manu. Seeing infinite miles of land in its natural state displayed that sustainability of natural resources is the definition of beauty.

This summer I plan on returning to South America to embark in additional volunteering, jungle conservation, and conduct research on how businesses can combine profits with sustainability initiatives, through an internship at Maximo Nivel.