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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Michael Gu

My name is Michael, an international student from China. I learned the word, sustainability, when I was in the first year at the King's University College. I was totally attracted by the word, most importantly, the meaning of the word. When I was a kid, I knew to turn off the tap if we had done washing the hands and switch the light off if we were leaving. Now, I am growing up. I wish I could learn more about the sustainability, and I wish I could be part of the people to reinforce the sustainability.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

I define the sustainability in two ways. One way is about the environment, the other is about the operations of businesses. We live on the Earth, using the resources that the nature left to us. However, if we do not plan on how to use the scarce resources, eventually, everything will be dried up. Therefore, one side of sustainability is to enhance the span of those resources or replace them by something else. To any business, if the administrators are not responsible for its long-term plan, the firm will not last long. Thus, it is necessary to operate sustainable plan.


I am taking part in the Sustainability Program at Western University, which is held by the Faculty of Engineering. They are hosting totally 4 sessions on campus with different topics through the entire school year. I have already taken two of them, one was about how a London local factory keeps sustainability through its operations, and the other one was about the sustainable heating system at the Western University. We went to a power plant and a heating transmission plant on campus, and listened to the explanation of how these systems save energy and reduce waste, and how the evolving technology help people overcome difficulties that hardly could before.

I will stay in China over the summer. During the period, I will have many chances to meet executives in different companies. Because I have heard the concept of sustainability is emphasized over time by the government, it is great opportunity for me to learn more about how the biggest developing country to overcome the problems of energy wastes and scarce resources. If it is likely, I would share whatever I learned from here with those executives to help them improve their method.