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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Richard Bloomfield

I grew up and still live on a small family farm near Ilderton, Ontario just northwest of London. I enjoy being outside of the city and living in a close knit community. It is this kind of atmosphere that I plan on working in throughout my business career. I grew up actively involved in sports (hockey, soccer, and track) as well as music (choir, and a band). During my first two years of university I became increasingly interested in student government, as well as present day global issues. I remain extremely passionate about modern day affairs.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

I believe sustainability means more than just strong environmental practices. However, the environment is an extremely important aspect of sustainability due to the fact that we only have a finite amount of resources on this planet, most of which are being used at an alarming rate. Sustainability needs to also encompass ethical practices such as the fair treatment of employees no matter their location around the world. The term "human capital" should never be used in my opinion; I prefer "empowering people."


Over the past few years I have worked with my family in researching and starting to implement more sustainable farming practices such as organic and free range instead of pesticide heavy or factory farming. I also entered and placed first in a case competition hosted by Company2Keep this semester. It was a strategy case based around developing a profitable and sustainable business plan for a retail company.

I also hosted a conference called "Shake The World" at Huron University College on February 11th 2011 for local area high school students. The purpose of the conference was to raise awareness about the chains of poverty and what difference can be made by each and every one of us.

This past summer I spent three weeks in Honduras working with a local organization teaching art and history of their cultural roots which is not often passed on by the current education system. This experience taught me the importance of sustainability in education. I also had the opportunity to tour a 100% organic coffee farm which inspired me.