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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Ryan Collins-Swartz

Hi, my name is Ryan. I love reading and language; I was enrolled in Arts and Literature prior to HBA1. I love to explore, travel and meet new people. In high school, I came out of my shell acting in Woody Allen productions. I enjoy laughing, eating, and spending time one on one with friends. I loved my time spent volunteering teaching youth healthy cooking, and living at the Anne Johnston Health Station. I desire to pursue my passions in sustainability, economics, and politics to create a positive future for business.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

Personally, my definition of sustainability is the ability to fulfill the living needs of the present, while not compromising future generations achievement of the same objectives. To take it further, it is a dynamic process that empowers global citizens to realize their potential and to enhance their quality of life in ways that simultaneously protect and enhance the Earth's power of support. It is about finding a connective balance between human, economic, and environmental objectives, while supporting this system through actions of integrity, creativity, and responsibility.


In my past, my greatest window to sustainability was travel. Viewing the world with a scope of curiosity and economic perspective showed many realities. At Ivey, I am engaged within the Sustainability Club. Many of the efforts of the Sustainability Club, also collude with the Economic and Political Issues Club. I have acted as the section representative for the Economic and Political Issues Club. In the second semester, we continue to plan awareness events and educational programs. My favourite sustainability related project has been my delegation for Ivey's Model UN team. It is my favourite forum to combine public debate, and progressive though with economic and political strategic action. In February, from the 14th to the 17th, I will be traveling to Boston for Harvard's Model United Nations Conference. I am representing Norway within the Commission for Sustainable Development, an economic committee of 65 nations. The topics I researched, wrote, and will discuss for resolution are Sustainable Consumption and Production and Disaster Management. Both topics are of great personal interest and would like to learn much more about sustainability through Ivey's certificate program. I want to earn a job for the summer that is encompasses sustainability and business development.