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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Kyle Munoz

I am currently an HBA candidate for 2015 but I am also an enthusiastic rugby player, an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction and I am interested in a career in marketing.

At Ivey I have become involved with the Ivey Sustainability Club, the Ivey Marketing Club and Ivey Model United Nations.

In the future I hope to learn Spanish, improve my drawing, initiate a program engaging street artists to create legal paintings and start a business that has sustainability integrated into it as a fundamental part of its business model.

Additional Information

Personal Definition of Sustainability

My personal definition of sustainability is to try and act in a manner that helps other people and the world around me. Helping people and the world is a restated version of the three pillars of sustainability – economic, social and environmental. For myself I tend to focus on social sustainability while trying to balance the other two areas.

I believe that a sustainable business must make tough choices to improve the lives of other people, and the environment while also ensuring that a business is growing at a viable pace and is profitable.


As a member and VP of Events with the Western MicroCredit Club I helped to fundraise for a club controlled Kiva account. Through Kiva, the club loaned funds to disadvantaged individuals around the world. I plan to restart the club with another former member over the summer of 2013. I also look forward to applying for the Honduras Study Trip because of its focus on micro-financing.

At Ivey, I am an Ivey Sustainability Club section representative. I have helped to sell fair-trade chocolate candy grams, promoted documentary screenings and guest speakers and assisted with a waste audit of the Ivey building. I am currently working with a group to host another documentary screening of Blackfish on the week of March 17.

I also applied for for the Sustainability Capital Award. I proposed a composting system be installed and that the new Ivey building compost its organic food waste. Unfortunately I did not receive funding but I found the experience to be thought-provoking.

Finally I made an unsuccessful bid to write an Ivey Business review about how sustainable businesses can do as much good as non-profit organizations when they set out to do so. I plan to improve my thesis and do more research over the summer and then apply for the fall issue next year.