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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Andrew Charabin

In grade 11, Andrew learned of his passion for business through an entrepreneurial project that produced a product called Snowcap, a windshield cover for frost prevention that was renowned in the LFP as well as on Canada AM. Since then, he has wanted to grow on this passion by going into finance and administration at Western University. On top of schooling, Andrew has captained the Western varsity men’s tennis team, worked for an entrepreneurial business venture that micro-finances entrepreneurs in the developing world, and worked as a certified mortgage broker.


Additional Information

What is your personal definition of sustainability? 

The ability for a particular societal or personal process to be continued in the long-term, and grow rather than deplete the resources that is necessary for its completion. 

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career 

In my career, I intend to start by working in the management consulting industry, and will take an active role in participating in renewable energy projects and probonos for non-for-profits. I believe consulting offers a fantastic opportunity to get my foot in the door in helping with environmental sustainability, and later in my career I aim to start a socially oriented entrepreneurial business venture.

What sustainability projects have you been engaged in?  

Cole & Parker

I have worked for a company called Cole & Parker, a producer of men’s bold and colorful dress socks that now retails in over 150 stores throughout North America. Our company motto is socks that start businesses, as for each sock that is sold, we help microfinance entrepreneurs in the developing world through an organization called KIVA.

Orphanage Outreach

In Monti Cristi, Dominican Republic, I went on a mission trip to help teach young English. In addition, we made a multitude of donations to the people of the town such as food, clothing, and schooling necessities that have been impactful in their daily lives. 

Summer 2016

I have been an active volunteer at Habitat for Humanity London and hope to continue this within the summer. I am also very interested in the Ivey Leader Project, and although I am not partaking in it this year, I plan on in my HBA2 year.