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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Annie Awaysheh

Prior to coming to Ivey, I spent three years passionately studying languages with the hopes of being a translator. Although foreign languages still captivate me, my personal goals started to change and I was looking for a different way to be challenged. I’ve entered Ivey Business School looking for a way to combine my ethical values to shape social good, all while leveraging my role in the business world. In addition to my schooling, I’m a classically trained pianist with more than 10 years of experience!

Additional Information

What is your personal definition of sustainability? 

For me, sustainability means implementing a set of global initiatives that meets the world’s present demand without changing or diminishing resources, so future generations can enjoy the same wealth that our Earth has provided us now. I also consider the term sustainability to be more flexible, and can be applied towards social issues. Sustainability is all about compassion and respect, and these two fundamental principles can be applied not only towards taking care of our planet, but taking care of humans and animals. Adopting a mindset like this, we mitigate apathy and become more concerned about the well-being of all.

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career? 

I see sustainability integrated in my professional career by being able to provide a fresh perspective on situations, and being able to apply my business acumen in a non-conventional way to come up with innovative solutions. Regardless of my position, my goal is to be able to make corporations more responsible and cognizant of their role in society, and the power they hold to make a change. A learning experience such as this certificate would allow me to combine my passion in a school setting, where I’ll be well-versed in tackling issues that organizations face in regards to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Down the line, when I gain enough insights from the marketplace I hope to become an entrepreneur with sustainability incorporated at the core of my future endeavors.

What sustainability projects have you been engaged in?

The very first related project that I worked on was at the age of nine, where I took on the lead role at my school play as a raccoon who lost her habitat due to the damage that humans were doing. This was when I became aware that Earth is called home by many other creatures than just humans. Although my role in that school play was necessary to the development of my cause, it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to work with Unilever in their head office in the UK that I understood the value of sustainability in corporations. There I worked with the Supply Chain Strategy Group as an environmental analyst. I was responsible for analyzing waste coming in from different facilities and then presenting findings to senior management. To further advocate sustainability at Ivey, I took on the role as section representative for the Sustainability Club. At present I have no commitments to any projects coming up in the summer of 2016. Shortly however, I hope to find some community-led initiatives here in London that I can be part of.