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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Annika Lui

Raised in Vancouver, BC surrounded by nature, I grew up acutely aware of society’s impact on the environment. Further, I am interested in the environmental effects cased by the globalized supply chain, particularly on the gentrification of cities and “developing” nations.  This lead me to study global culture prior to Ivey. I spent my first year studying abroad in England and my second at Huron University College. I have a passion for exploring new perspectives and travelling.  One of my favorite quotes said by Mark Twain is “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

Additional Information

What is your personal definition of sustainability?

Sustainability is acting locally, and thinking globally.  Thoughtful decision making, that considers the impacts on both the local and global community is essential to creating positive change.  By valuing long-term improvement over short-term gains, and going further than status quo, critical sustainable choices may be made. Sustainable choices require the consideration of future generations, as well as the planet and socio-economic betterment of society as a whole.

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?

I see sustainability as a central prerogative to my professional role.  I aspire to work for, and eventually start a social enterprise.  I want to engage in business that is conscious of, and acts upon its own corporate social responsibility. I want to assist a company in not only improving its own global sourcing, but also participating meaningfully within the communities in which it operates.

Additionally, I see advocacy as an important part of my professional career. I am a firm believer in the importance of engaging and educating people to cause a cultural shift towards sustainability as a mindset.  I believe in the power of people to drive positive change so that sustainability becomes central to key decision making. 

Further, I plan to gain meaningful experience working in the private, public, and non-profit sector in order to facilitate a deeper personal understanding of each. I believe that achieving the maximum impact in sustainable initiatives, requires collaboration and tri-sector leadership. Sustainability is for everyone.

What sustainability projects have you been engaged in? 

I believe that sustainability requires the empowerment of people, and that quality of life starts at home. I have a passion for community development, specifically housing.

One summer, I travelled to Peru to build homes in the shanty towns surrounding the capital, Lima. Seeing the global disparity of wealth changed my perspective on sustainability.  I believe that the current division of global labor is not sustainable, and that sustainable positive change to bridge this gap is necessary now and in the future. 

Last year I participated in a sweat-equity based initiative in Louisiana with Habitat for Humanity.  This experience inspired me to get involved with Habitat for Humanity Western as the Vice President of Fundraising. I have improved the organization of campus events, to raise both funds and awareness for Habitat’s mission to work towards a world in which everyone has a safe and decent place to live. 

Additionally, I am a Marketing Volunteer for the London Housing Registry, a non-profit organization that assists at-risk people find affordable housing in the private sector. I am currently working on a re-branding, and development of new marketing materials, and plan to continue in this role during the summer of 2016.