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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Destine Lee

I have studied Economics with a minor in Anthropology.  I found the Environment and Culture minor very educating and rewarding. This is what inspired me to fully accept sustainability as a career path. I had always been environmentally concerned and friendly however anthropology helped me bring together my economic understanding with my sustainability passion. I got to learn about real world situations and sustainable solutions, such as the Special Period in Cuba during the USA embargo and the fall of the Soviet Bloc. I read about ways every citizen contributed to food production in urban locations in order to survive. 

Additional Information

What is your personal definition of sustainability? 

A way of thinking and living that considers and favors the environment and future generations is my definition of sustainability. I believe sustainability is made up of many factors and in order to be sustainable many parties are involved. I believe every individual has the power to make a change and to gain a better impact education and other resources are needed.  I believe sustainability is a way to conduct yourself on a daily basis through all functions and to help others participate too. As well to be considerate of the trade-offs and consequences of decisions that affect the environment.

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career? 

I believe sustainability will continue to grow as a passion but also as direction for my career path. Currently in a position to explore new areas for a summer with many introductions to Social Impact and Enterprises I fell grateful to have this want to improve the world with our increasing sustainability trends, therefore, I see sustainability as a strong and tangible idea that will assist in my learning and community involvement.  My professional career will be undoubtable paired with sustainability whether that means working for a meaningful corporation, educating others on how to be sustainable or working towards improving policy to create incentives and influence decisions to be sustainable

I believe I will benefit from the sustainability certificate as it will help differentiate myself among the workforce, through my innate resourcefulness but also from my considerate decision making strengthened through education.

What sustainability projects have you been engaged in? 

Most recently I have been involved with EnviroWestern participating in film screenings, workshops and certified modules.  I have enjoyed learning about activities and impact others have made such as “Discover the Shift” where the producer of a film about garbage in the Philippines came to speak about her experience and the issues. I attended “Food for Thought” where we expense a food insecurity activity over dinner with three industry professionals. I am also participating in a three module extracurricular “Our Green Campus” focusing on choosing local foods, local farming and preserving food.  I actively seek events on campus as well as maintain relations with guest speakers to further my understanding of sustainable options. On a more informal level I often recycle materials through reuse, donation or other proper disposal as well as generally reducing consumption of items with waste.

Currently, I am working to gather a group interested in helping me reduce the impact of beverage containers, specifically coffee cups and alcohol containers.  I would like to change our cafeteria to provide reusable mugs. As for off campus consumption of beverages at parties I would like to increase recycling as a start.