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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Eunice Chang

Eunice is a focused, organized, positive and hard-working girl. She grew up in Richmond Hill, Ontario, spending most of her youth outdoors in parks and fields. She has always been active in sports, starting with swimming, moving on to figure skating and soccer. Fitness and maintaining a healthy diet are important aspects in her life, but she also has a forgiving heart for sweets. In her free time she also enjoys travelling, listening to music and watching TV. 

Additional Information

What is your personal definition of sustainability? 

When I hear the word ‘sustainability’, I immediately think of an activity or object that can maintain itself forever. To me, being able to live sustainably and adopting sustainable business practices is always a positive factor because it helps preserve our environment while ensuring a strong and stable society and culture. Sustainability is about living our lives harmoniously with the environment and people. It is important to continuously build healthy relationships while avoiding major consequences and huge carbon footprints along the way.

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career? 

I am currently enrolled in the HBA program at the Ivey Business School, but spent my first two years at Western majoring in Medical Sciences. Over this time I was able to develop a well-rounded perspective of both business and science therefore giving me a competitive advantage. I have the ability to better understand the marketing tactics to meet the needs of companies when incorporating sustainable practices in both the environment and people aspect of the business.

Outside of academics, I am an avid volunteer. I would really like to continue volunteering as I work. If I could represent my company as a corporate volunteer that would be most ideal. I have always been a strong contributor in school clubs and the community through my various volunteer efforts. This has made me realize my passion and commitment in volunteering with children and health-related organizations. As I enter the workforce, my goal is to combine both my career with charitable work.

What sustainability projects have you been engaged in? 

My interest in sustainability began when I joined the high school Environmental Club in Grade 9. I started as a member and worked my way up to become co-president in Grade 12. As co-president, our goal was to become a Gold Certified Ontario EcoSchool. So throughout the year, the club had to focus on areas of environmental stewardship, school ground greening, waste minimization, energy conservation, teamwork and leadership, and school curriculum.  One of our projects involved planting a hundred native plants around the school with the help of our club members. AS a result of our hardworking efforts, our school received the Gold Certification. Outside of school, I have also participated in the Alzheimer’s Western Club, and have volunteered with Scouts, SickKids and the London Chinese School.

For the summer of 2015, I am looking to receive an internship placement in the non-profit sector. I am currently interested in internship opportunities with Reforest London and Epilepsy Support Centre. With the internship placement, I am hoping to gain more experience in the sustainability sector, specifically in the environmental and health fields.