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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Germana Kazazi

Hello! My name is Germana, and I am a first year HBA student. Prior to Ivey, I was completing a double major in psychology and political science at main campus, and it is my goal to pursue a business career that will allow me to incorporate my psychology background.

My biggest passion outside of school is playing volleyball. I have been on a school team for 11 consecutive years now and have had the privilege of being captain of my high school varsity team. I also enjoy long-ˇdistance biking, ultimate Frisbee, playing piano and baking.

Additional Information

What is your personal definition of sustainability? 

Sustainability is being able to operate within the physical and biological limits of the Earth. It means balancing social, economical and environmental outcomes so that as our society continues to develop to meet current needs, it does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Being sustainable means acting with responsibility, integrity and generosity in order to improve the quality of life in ways that simultaneously protect and enhance the Earth, and everything it has to offer.

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career? 

I envision sustainability playing a fairly large role in my professional career. I have plans to pursue a consulting career upon graduation because everything about this field appeals to me. This career path provides you with many different opportunities to assume different roles and partake in different projects. As I gain experience in the industry, I hope to one-ˇday work for a strategic sustainability consulting firm that helps companies identify core social and environmental impacts, train its employees on these impacts, as well as create and implement a sustainability plan that will align with the company’s triple bottom line. I think this career path would be very rewarding and worthwhile. Currently, there are several large corporations that want a strategic approach to sustainability but do not have the time, budget, or expertise to do it all themselves.