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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Hannah Rochon-Terry

 I am a third-year student currently pursuing my HBA. Following high school I took a year off to work as an Au Pair in France. This experience cemented my interest in learning about different cultures and languages. For my first two years at Western University I studied International Relations. This program provided exciting insights and discussion into the importance of government implementation of sustainable action in the international sphere. Outside of school I have gained a passion for sustainability through my love of canoeing, camping, and hiking in the Great Canadian Outdoors. 

Additional Information

What is your personal definition of sustainability?

I define sustainability as the conscious effort to maintain the future wellbeing of the environment and human condition. The two concepts of human and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. I believe it is important to consider sustainability in everyday activities, as well as on a much larger scale, for business and government decisions. I would like to see Canadian government and businesses taking on a greater role in reducing Canada’s culture of over-consumption and advocating for sustainable practices.  

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career? 

I believe sustainability will play a major role in my future career. I am pursuing a career in the grocery industry; an industry in which I believe sustainable changes can be implemented to significantly impact food poverty and the environment in a positive way. Currently, Canada’s grocery industry has a culture of consumption that leads to huge amounts of daily food waste. By implementing programs to sell imperfect food or partner with food banks, the grocery industry can significantly reduce food waste. I would like to apply my knowledge of sustainability to make a positive impact in Canada’s grocery industry.

What sustainability projects have you been engaged in?  

This past summer my passion for food sustainability was ignited when I worked with my brother to build a community garden. Once complete, the garden held workshops to teach community members about growing their own food. At Ivey, I am the section 1 representative for the Sustainability Club. This has been a fantastic experience to speak with like-minded students about sustainability and engage section-mates in the conversation. Also, I am currently working with the Boys and Girls Club of London for a Volunteer Internship Program with the Ivey Not-for-Profit Club. I have been working to raise funds for scholarships for London youth through a text-to-donate program. Finally, I work as the ‘Shrink and Waste Supervisor’ at Western’s on-campus grocery store, Grocery Checkout. In this position I have been able to reduce food waste by implementing systems to maintain better awareness of expiry dates. Through these systems, Grocery Checkout can identify products to be put on sale before they expire, enabling the store to sell close-to-date products and reduce food waste.