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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Morgan Rathwell

I am a driven, passionate HBA student, looking to develop my business acumen in the context of sustainable practices, and engage with other, like-minded students and faculty. My first two years at Western were spent pursing a degree in psychology, a field that I am deeply interested in and am planning to combine with my HBA when I enter the workforce. I’ve always been very passionate about being active within the communities that are important to me, and taking on leadership positions in these communities – this has been particularly true for issues related to environmentalism. I am hoping that the Sustainability Certificate will help me further engage in the Ivey community and position me to be a driving force to promote the presence of sustainable considerations in the HBA program. 

Additional Information

What is your personal definition of sustainability? 

For me, sustainability is about continuity. It’s about asking the question, how long can we keep doing what we’re doing now? Are current practices in the best interest of short term or long term gain? These questions generally involve considering what type of resources are being utilized and how use of those resources impact the environment. In the context of business, I believe many executives view sustainable practices as an obligation, whereas in my opinion, it should be viewed more as a platform for innovation. More often than not, sacrificing sustainability in order to maximize the bottom line will not allow a business to continue perpetually.

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career? 

One of the driving forces that motivated me to attend Ivey was to position myself to be able to contribute to the world in a positive way within the business world. I have a deep passion for sustainability and environmentalism, however that passion alone is not enough to persuade people to make a change in the way they interact with the world. My hope is that an elite business education in combination with this passion will help position me to be in a position of influence, allowing me to make real, tangible change.

I am very interested in pursuing sustainability consulting, and I believe now is an excellent time to be considering that field. I think that business are realizing more and more how significant the philosophies behind sustainability can be in guiding best business practice, and I would like to be apart in making that transition. Participating in the Sustainability Certificate would help give me credibility as someone who is capable in this field. More importantly, the program itself opens up so many opportunities to develop my own knowledge and environmental acumen, while gaining access to a network of passionate and experienced professionals.

What sustainability projects have you been engaged in? 

My previous experience in sustainability-oriented activities is rooted in my life-long passion for environmentalism. This passion motivated me to run for Green Prefect in my final year of high school, which allowed me the opportunity to act as president of Green Club for the year. Within this club, I organized events and campaigns throughout the year with the aim of encouraging the student body and faculty to be environmentally conscious, particularly within the school.

When I came to Western I became actively involved in EnviroWestern, the school’s sustainability society. While I did not have a formal title in this organization, I took on responsibility in many initiatives that were run. I sat on the planning committee for the first annual Food for Thought Gala, an event that aimed to raise awareness regarding food sustainability, as well as Western Water Week, a campaign that promoted water-related issues through a local, and global lens.

This upcoming summer I will be working with Deloitte as a human capital consulting intern. Sustainability issues are a small, but relevant aspect of Deloitte’s advisory services. I am planning to leverage my time at the firm to learn more about what they have to offer through this service line and how I can get involved.