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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Jordan Tepper


Studying political science for my first two years at Western prompted me to take a closer look at the world and all of its changes. As the future of business leaders, it is our responsibility to manage these changes and create a positive impact. After spending part of my summer before HBA1 working at a social enterprise in Laos, I became acutely interested in examining the social aspect of sustainability. In my free time, I enjoy snowboarding, playing squash, and going to concerts with friends.


What is your personal definition of sustainability?

Typically people use the term sustainability with a narrow focus: the environment. While the environment is a significant aspect of the word, it is important not to discount all of its intricacies. Sustainability is about the present and the future. It is taking action right now while thinking about what lies ahead. Whether that is looking on a macro level at the earth’s sustainability or from a more micro perspective, considering the people around you and your community, it is about consistency. Keeping what is good in the world good and trying to make it even better.


What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?

I think that sustainability is playing a growing part in every industry. Whether that is adopting non-financial metrics like triple bottom line reporting, incorporating it into the company’s values, or even creating specialized positions, sustainability is everywhere. While I do not necessarily see myself in a purely sustainability-focused position, it is going to play an important role in determining what type of company I want to work for, as well as influence my decision-making process once I am in a position that enables me the capacity to create change.


What sustainability projects have you been engaged in?

During Summer 2019, I spent some time interning at a social enterprise in Vientiane, Laos. It was interesting to learn more about the social enterprise model and how business goals can align with social goals and change. A part of my role was developing business resources and presentations for internal associate training, as well as taught classes on English, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. It was very gratifying to walk into a classroom and see the excitement people had to learn, and how engaged they stayed throughout the lesson. When it was time for me to go back home, it was terrific to see the development of my students. The experience enabled a lot of learning from a drastically different culture and also a ton of self-reflection.

Jordan Tepper

Jordan Tepper