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Emma Lyu is a HBA1 student at Ivey Business School. Previously, Emma worked as a Research Assistant at Ivey Business School, with responsibilities of coding video stimuli of lab participant responses for research purposes and organizing lab research studies. The data generated will be written into a manuscript for submission to a top academic journal. 

In addition to her professional work experience, Emma is also active in leadership roles on campus. Emma has dedicated herself to improving the residence experiences and the wellness of international students by becoming a leader on campus. As an Orientation Leader, Emma devotes her time to helping first-year students succeed. Working at the Wellness Education Centre, Emma was selected as the Chinese Outreach Lead, helping Chinese students overcome mental health issues by providing coping strategies and developing learning skills. 

Emma is passionate about travelling, writing, and acting. She is actively engaged in diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

What is your personal definition of sustainability?  

My definition of sustainability is meeting the needs for present generations without compromising the needs of future generations. Apply this to the business is business processes that aim to assure the prosperity of today’s and tomorrow’s generations. For example, sustainable business aim to meet society’s basic needs without conducting negative consequences to the Earth’s capacity. In our daily life, sustainable behavior can simple be not wasting food and buy stuff to meet our needs without hurting the next generations’ demand.  

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?  

As a female in Business, I see sustainability playing a role to measure the limitation, which means businesses should think about long-term ability rather than short-term profit. I will use sustainability to control the organization’s equitable wealth distribution and the circular economy.  

My career goal is to achieve business sustainability within the organization.  I want to be able to apply my expertise in sustainability to help business achieve sustainability development, which means focusing on strategy and filling the gap between research and practice. The primary step is to change management’s perspective and increase the awareness of sustainability. I want to be a consultant to advise company board members to challenge their strategy and implement sustainable plans. By having the deep sustainability knowledge I gained from Ivey, I will able to understand the problem from both business and sustainability standpoint. This will help me to recommend more effective solutions to organizations and see positive results in a short time. 
What sustainability projects have you been engaged in?  

I have been engaged in a project focus on fighting inequality and injustice. During the summer, I worked as a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultant. My goal is to help the client to achieve increase their internal diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  

I was responsible for building Excel models (regression models, simulation models and pivot tables) to analyze the client’s company demographic data and identify the roots of bias and inequities. To further test my hypotheses, I led a team of three consultants to conduct interviews with over 200 employees and analyzed the results by applying statistical techniques (T-Tests and ANOVA). The project developed my analytical skills while challenging me to think critically about the assumptions I made and how to interpret the findings. As a result of analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data, I designed comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategies for the clients, which increased the organization’s workplace diversity by 25% and marketplace inclusivity by 18%.  

This project further strengthened my passion for sustainability and improve my communication, problem solving and quantitative research skills.

Emma Lyu

Emma Lyu