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My name is Rochelle and I am studying to combine human psychology with strategic solutions in business to transition the world from being takers to makers of the environment.
My first two years studying psychology taught me the importance of understanding what influences people and how to create messages that have the most impact. Furthering my studies at Ivey Business School is helping me transition these insights into creating innovative and sustainable solutions for organizations, helping to encourage a generation that values the triple bottom line. After graduating from Ivey Business School, I want to get my Juris Doctor degree to further my passion for sustainability and put my research into practice. In my spare time, you’ll find me walking my dog Mason along the Vancouver Seawall or at the dance studio! 


What is your personal definition of sustainability?


I believe the definition of sustainability encompasses being aware that every action we undertake today will have a consequence tomorrow. Sustainability is looking from the four pillars: human, social, environmental, and economic, to better govern our practices today to encourage future growth and rejuvenation of natural resources. Our world is on the brink of environmental catastrophe caused by generations of unsustainable practices that we must reverse to ensure the wellbeing of the generations to come. We have a moral obligation to look past short-term profit and make choices that don’t take from the environment but instead contribute to it.  


What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?


Sustainability will be the centerpiece of my career. I hope to conduct a research proposal on the topic of social sustainability, researching the legal and unspoken laws that currently govern sustainable practices in our community and how they can be improved. I want to combine my interest in psychology to research what influences people, and how we need to be communicating these messages of sustainability to have the most impact. My goal with this research is to understand how messages of sustainability need to be communicated to increase the adoption of the triple bottom line where companies prioritize not only profitability, but also sustainability across all fronts. 


In 2022, I hope to begin law school to deepen my understanding of legal practices and how legal contracts can be created to encourage sustainable practices. In my career, I want to implement changes that lead to sustainability practices being the norm across the nation. It is the responsibility of our generation to develop holistic, sustainable practices in an effort to reverse environmental impacts, invest in sustainable solutions, and combat systemic barriers. I want to be a leader of this change. 


What sustainability projects have you been engaged in?


This past summer, I led a campaign to increase financial literacy and financial independence for women. I worked with a financial advisor to run financial literacy masterclasses and “Women & Wealth” workshops to encourage women to take control of their financial future. I believe financial independence is a crucial factor for human sustainability and plays a critical role in determining whether someone can create a sustainable future for their family.  


Additionally, I have worked and volunteered as a dance instructor, mentoring with young, aspiring dancers to invest in their own physical health and mental wellbeing. I helped students create a foundation of knowledge and practices in terms of physical health and mental stamina to implement throughout their academic years and careers. I have also worked as a tutor throughout high school in mathematics to build the knowledge and skills of the incoming generation.   


During my time serving at Browns Social House, I volunteered with the Downtown Vancouver YMCA to plant new seeds and take care of the rooftop gardens. This furthered my passion for replenishing natural resources and implementing practices that support incoming generations.  

Rochelle Turnbull

Rochelle Turnbull