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Andrew has 15 years of experience as innovation and technology leader across both large enterprise and start-ups, and most recently was the head of Innovation for Mercer Canada, where he combined education, design thinking, and start-up/lean thinking initiatives to drive digital transformation at Mercer. He has lectured at Ryerson University’s Masters of Digital Media program and is active in start-up advisory.

Specializing in transformation and change, Andrew has launched, governed, and managed numerous transformation initiatives. He designs and runs workshops on business preparation around advanced technologies as well as performs keynote presentations for larger corporate clients on the topic on Agile woes and Agile transformation.

Andrew firmly believes that automation is a transformative technology that can power a more productive, valuable, satisfied workforce. But he also sees the very businesses that need it, struggling with transformation due to cost, complexity, legacy technology, and degree of change. Andrew wants to help create, and drive more transformational success.

Andrew Grubb

Andrew Grubb

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