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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Ivey Student Clubs

HBA Social Impact Club

The Social Impact Club (SIC) is the exciting new product of a merger between Ivey's Sustainability and Not-for-Profit Clubs. SIC aims to promote business as a tool to create positive social and environmental change, while connecting passionate Ivey students to opportunities in the impact space. With VPs representing Sustainability, Social Enterprise, Non-Profit, Impact Investing, and Community Engagement, SIC covers a diverse range of topics at the intersection of business and social impact. Initiatives will include themed panel discussions, networking events, the Volunteer Internship Program, the Social Impact Conference, and much more. The outcome? An Ivey student population that is more aware of how they can benefit people and the planet from positions in any industry, in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, as well as through their own conscious consumerism. 

Ivey Connects

Our organization aims to enhance the educational experience of Ivey students in the area of social responsibility, and to advance the mission of not-for-profit agencies in our community through volunteer efforts, fundraising support, and promotion of social causes.

Our mandate is to:

  • Harness the talent and energy of Ivey students to make a positive impact on non-profit organizations and the community;
  • Develop better business leaders by engaging students with leading organizations that are socially responsible and community-oriented;
  • Create a strong sense of business ethics and community involvement;
  • Encourage students to think about sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and community involvement from a business perspective.

For more information, visit the Ivey Connects Facebook pagewebsite, or contact


MSc Sustainability Club

The MSc Sustainability Club aims to provide its members with the opportunity in which they will be able to further explore the topic of sustainability. The goal is to help our members realize the importance of sustainability in today’s corporate world by organizing informative events, conducting quality research, and providing information on relevant careers. Through these initiatives, students will realize the ways in which sustainability converges with all facets of business, and understand the utmost importance of this topic. The hope is to support them as members launch their business careers, and arm them with the knowledge necessary to become leaders designed to create positive social and environmental impact.

MBA Social Impact & Sustainability Club

The MBA Social Impact & Sustainability Club aims to promote and connect our class to career opportunities in the impact space and increase awareness of how sustainability and impact intersect with business practices across all industries. The goal of building these connections is to motivate our class to seek and develop careers through which they can be leaders of positive social and environmental change. The club also encourages student involvement in the London community through local support initiatives, and advocates for the importance of an impact-focused purpose within the MBA program and at Ivey.