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Sergio G. Lazzarini is a Professor at Ivey Business School, Western University, and Chafi Haddad Senior Research Fellow at Insper (Brazil). He does research on how public and private actors interact and organize their activities to improve economic and social performance. He is a former Professor at Insper and founder of Insper Metricis, a center for the study of impact measurement and investing. Sergio has held visiting positions at Harvard University (2010, 2012), University of St Gallen (2009), HEC Paris (2014), Insead (2015), Brandeis (2016), Imperial College (2017), the University of Utah (2019), and the University of Toronto (2021-22).

He has published a trilogy of books on public-private interactions and has received several prizes for his academic work.

Within the Sustainable Finance Lab, Sergio is working toward sustainable food production. He is involved in the creation of a set of indicators to track the evolution of sustainable food production practices as well as policies and incentives to foster adoption by farmers and food chain actors.

Sergio Lazzarini

Sergio Lazzarini

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