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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

New forces are shifting the sustainability landscape.

  • Steven Lacey
  • |
  • Nov 15, 2017

NBS director Tima Bansal describes our changed reality — and how we can navigate it together.

New forces are shifting the sustainability landscape.

Systems thinking has a long history. Biologists, ecologists and physicists have long thought in systems terms. Business, however, has adopted a more causal model, hoping to identify best practices that will lead to better performance. But when the landscape is so uncertain, managers can no longer trust simple solutions and plan very far into the future.  

Now, there is much more connectivity between people than ever before, and thinking in systems terms is inescapable. Disruptions such artificial intelligence, fake news, and climate change are likely to radically shift how people live, work, and relate to each other. Businesses can either stand on the sideline and watch this tsunami approach, or they can equip themselves to use approaching challenges in ways that create value for themselves and contribute to a better world.  

Going forward, NBS will focus on helping to navigate this challenging journey.  

Read Dr. Tima Bansal's full article here.



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