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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Generous donation for sustainability student activities

  • Julia Bevacqua
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  • Mar 30, 2020
Generous donation for sustainability student activities

The Ivey Centre for Building Sustainable Value would like to thank the Chisholm Thomson Family Foundation which was established by Andy Chisholm, MBA ’85, and his wife Laurie Thomson. The focus of the donation is to integrate concepts of sustainability and economic prosperity.

Andy Chisholm is an involved member of the Ivey community. He is the chair of the Ivey Advisory Board and serves on the Advisory Council for the Centre for Building Sustainable Value. Beyond his work with Ivey, Chisholm has had a long and distinguished career in finance. He has held numerous leadership positions at Goldman Sachs and was a member of the Federal Government’s Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance, an advisor at ArcTern Ventures, and is on the Board of Directors for RBC and Evergreen Brickworks.

His donation will be used to support a number of student-related sustainability activities, including the HBA Sustainability Certificate, student Impact Days, and an MSc elective on Managing Systems in an Age of Disruption. Programs like these have the potential to shape our collective future for the better. Many Ivey graduates go on to lead in some of Canada’s largest and most influential organizations. By promoting sustainability principles while they are at Ivey, students are better equipped to lead successful organizations that create value for themselves and for society, while engaging in a fulfilling career. These programs are made possible through the generous support of alumni and donors interested in driving real change towards sustainability.

“For many reasons it is becoming increasingly important that we find ways to integrate foundational principles of sustainability into normal mainstream business oriented decision making. Mitigation of and adaptation to climate change is one tangible example, where the financial sector and the real economy together must urgently embrace a new way of thinking to guide their actions. The academic community in general and business schools in particular have an important role to play in this transition and need the support, partnerships and resources to play that role effectively." - Andy Chisholm