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Centre for Building Sustainable Value · Diane-Laure Arjaliès

Combining research in the circular economy and accounting to propel positive change

Jun 18, 2020

Call For Papers

Ivey professor Diane-Laure Arjaliès discusses a new call for papers that combines the best of circular economy and accounting research in the hopes of finding solutions to the some of the world’s toughest problems.

Our world has big problems to solve – problems that we’ve known about for decades but that we haven’t been able to crack. This includes the imminent collapse of ecosystems all over the world, microplastic pollution in oceans, or the rise of global inequalities. It also includes our economic system's highly wasteful use of resources, a broken model based on 'take, make, use and dispose'. 

Solving these will require new ways of thinking and integrated strategies that are interdisciplinary and collaborative.

That’s why Michelle Rodrigue (Université Laval), Andrea Romi (Texas Tech University), and I have made a call for papers on “Accounting for the Circular Economy,” bringing together two fields of study that have significant potential for sustainable development.

Current research on the circular economy within the field of accounting is limited, despite its potential. Whether accounting for the circular economy is old news to some or a new topic for others is beyond the point. What matters is to try yet again to stimulate change in our destructive economic system. Our call for papers aims to encourage scholars to (re)engage with the circular economy movement and reflect on the role of accounting in this process.

You can read more about our call for papers here and a blog we wrote on the topic here.