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For businesses to contribute to sustainable development, financial markets and capital must motivate the innovation of products, services, and business models that create and distribute wealth equitably in a circular economy. Sustainable development will generate long-term prosperity by creating wealth and contributing to a resilient economy and society.

Priority Circular Economy

Circular Economy

The circular economy is an economic system designed to eliminate waste and pollution, prolong the use of products and materials, and regenerate natural systems. We are working to accelerate transformation towards a circular economy by providing insights into how circular systems can function and how current supply chains can be transformed. This work is led by Dr. Jury Gualandris.



Hundreds of businesses are making commitments to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As we enter a decade of unprecedented transformation and disruption, the leaders will be the firms that take a strategic approach to net-zero – aligning ambitious emissions reductions with long-term business strategy, innovation and value creation. This work is led by Dr. Robert Klassen.

Priority Finance


Capital markets are an important catalyst for businesses to incorporate progressive environmental, social and governance criteria in decision-making. We investigate new ways to invest and manage capital, inclusive measures of ROI, and the implications of short- and long-term time horizons. This work is led by Dr. Diane-Laure Arjaliès.

Priority Innovation


Innovation is the heart of effective organizations across industries and sectors. We investigate how organizations unlock new ways of creating financial and societal value through human-centered processes, systems thinking, and collaboration. This work is led by Dr. Tima Bansal.

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