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Artwork created for the Ivey Innovation Learning Lab is created by Laura Dirk.

Life Drawing Process

The specific process Laura uses is known as "life drawing," a technique used to generate spontaneous work using limited materials and time. It generally allows the artist to be very fluid and loose as each pose is usually no longer than 15 minutes.

The Ivey Learning Lab is a unique opportunity to create art that both reflects the setting and generates new ideas. Using a life drawing technique of rapid pen strokes and limited detail, the artwork captures the essence of the conference in quick bursts of activity. Laura provides an interesting play on life drawing in a business environment by creating imagery that captures the conference participants, speakers and ideas in quick gestural drawings.

About Laura Dirk

Laura is a graduate of the University of Guelph Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art and English. Recently retired from a 23 year career with Kellogg Company in IT Infrastructure Operations, IT Customer Service and IT Project Management, Laura has reconnected with her love of art.

Laura's work can be viewed in a number of locations in London, Ontario including Innovation Works, 100 Kellogg, Westside Family Restaurant, and Perriwinkle Gift Studio. Laura has a working studio in Old East London and is a member of the Bayfield Artists Guild.

Examples of Laura's Work

Laura Dirk (1)
Illustration of city skyline with water in front and hill behind, plus circle around part of the picture to illustrate the need to have awareness of the bigger picture
Cartoon-like illustration of 3 people sitting together, discussing ideas
Illustration of sun, sky, and flowers with different boxes around sections of the illustration to represent the different frames we see things through
Illustration of 3 people watching Otto Scharmer's presentation