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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Alexander Palkovskye

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Personal Definition of Sustainability

My definition of sustainability is rooted in my personal belief that corporate enterprise should not compromise the long-term prospect of future business opportunities. Sustainability has many facets, such as governance and social policy; however my definition of sustainability focuses more on the natural resources that we, as individuals and corporations, exhaustively use for everyday operations. Specific to the Energy industry, renewables technologies that are fueled by the earth’s natural processes well define sustainability, in my opinion. For example, sustainability is exemplified when countries such as Germany increase their commitment to renewable sources of energy, becoming increasing self-reliant for commercial energy sources, retaining key ecological elements of their environment, and improving the living conditions for its citizens while maintaining the economic prospects of the country.


To date, there are yet to be any major sustainability milestones that I have achieved. Aside from Tree Planting initiatives, I have not been able to identify any significant sustainability project opportunities in the past.

This summer, if an appropriate internship opportunity does not present itself, I will be looking to travel to South America to take advantage of available sustainability projects throughout the continent. Through a website called, non-for-profit organization posts different types of volunteer opportunities all over the world. In South America, there are plenty of opportunities available for taking part in Eco-Projects.

Alexander Palkovskye

Alexander Palkovsky

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