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Belinda Truong

Before coming to Ivey, I graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences at Western. I am a lifelong learner and on a quest for continuous improvement. I use this view to apply to resources as well as I believe we all have a responsibility to decrease our impact on the environment and use resources with a global impact in mind. I believe we are a generation that can find solutions to problems and I am a creative big thinker who is excited for the challenge!

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Personal Definition of Sustainability

Sustainability is recognizing the interconnected nature of our ecosystems and understanding that action must be taken responsibly in order to improve the collective whole. To me, it is reflecting and not making decisions in silos, it is honouring our resources, our communities and our legacy. Sustainability is being proactive in my own communities first and thinking strategically about how we can broaden our horizons to improve our global community. My understanding of sustainability not only encompasses the environmental resources, but of social equity and robustness of social ecosystems.


I am an advocate of social sustainability. I am a National Ambassador for the charity, Pathways to Education Canada. I promote the ability for youth from low income families to graduate high school as a means to ending the cycle of poverty. Although poverty may seem like an event experienced at the individual level, it has implications on the economy in the form of lost productivity, the increased usage of the healthcare system and overrepresentation in the criminal justice system. The cyclical nature of poverty often reveals generations of hardship. When I realized this, I got involved and became National Ambassador. In this capacity, I speak to audiences in order to educate them about the issues. I have written articles and helped raise more than $50,000 for the cause, I have also personally mentored students in these communities and have worked with them to devise an educational action plan. Other ways to help intervene in high risk youth is via tutoring and social workers. By taking on a global intervention and focusing on all aspects of youth, Pathways has decreased drop out rates by 70% and BCG consulting has estimated the program has generated a social return of $24 to every dollar invested in it. In the summer, I hope to get even more involved by helping to replicate this model in more communities.

Belinda Truong

Belinda Truong

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