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Divya Mehan

I am an HBA student with a passion for making a difference in the world. I have been to India multiple times to visit family, and have seen firsthand the poverty and devastation that exists there. From a young age, this inspired me to get involved with some really amazing organizations, such as Free the Children and Locks of Love. Music is another one of my passions. I have been a piano player since I was four years old, and started singing in an ensemble when I was in high school. I also love reading and baking desserts for my family and friends!

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Personal Definition of Sustainability

My personal definition of sustainability is to live life in a way that is respectful of the environment, so that future generations can continue to benefit from – and appreciate – the beauties of the earth. To me, it is acting in ways that will not just have a short-term, one-time impact on the environment, but will have a lasting, long-term impact. It involves small acts like turning the water off when you’re brushing your teeth, to large-scale ventures like using renewable energy sources and city wide recycling programs. Sustainability is not just a single action – it is a way of life.


I have had the pleasure of being a section representative for the Ivey Sustainability Club this year. Through this role, I was involved with the first waste audit last semester, and am now part of the team planning the second waste audit for this semester. This was really exciting as I was able to see a big improvement in all the sections once we spent time educating the students on recyclable materials.

In 2013, I volunteered with Rare, a charitable research reserve, by helping at their events and watering seedlings when their caretaker was out of town. I also travelled to Ecuador for three weeks with Me to We after my first year of University. Here, I learned about sustainable charitable involvement as this organization focuses on helping communities become self-sufficient, so that they do not depend on charity to survive. I am also looking into working or volunteering with the organization Nedlaw Living Walls for the summer of 2014. I was recently introduced to a group of medical professionals that are dedicated to improving the mental health status in Guyana via hands-on volunteer trips. I will be helping them to create a business plan for their work in Guyana.

Divya Mehan

Divya Mehan Divya Mehan

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