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Jackie Michie

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Personal Definition of Sustainability

I believe sustainability is making a conscious choice today to ensure that the decisions you make benefit society, the economy, and the environment in the present, while giving the opportunity for others to do the same in the future. It is a holistic mindset that consciously tries to negate or reverse negative issues affecting our world.


I have been a part of environmental clubs through school, such as my high school Eco Club, and the Western Wildlife Conservation Society. Through these clubs I have been a part of community clean-up and tree planting initiatives, as well as petition signing and fundraising for various environmental causes.

Through my job with the Ministry of Natural Resources, I helped construct animal rehabilitation habitats, cleaned up Provincial Parks, and educated the public on environmental topics such as local wildlife, and waste reduction.

I spent a month on the coast of Kenya with Global Vision International, splitting my time equally on the land and water. I conducted field research on dolphins, humpback whales, and a localized sub-species of Black and White Angolan colobus monkeys, thought to be the only ones of their type in the world. This initiative had a direct impact on the area, as scientists used the data to determine the negative effects of human activity on the local environment and animal populations, and to gain funding for future conservation projects.

I am hoping to plan and participate in more tree planting initiatives in the London area this summer.

Jackie Michie

Jackie Michie

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