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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

John Lee

In the pursuit of learning more about sustainable practices and a career that leads this, I want to take the opportunity to gain more insights and to make a difference in my life. I am a Korean-born-Canadian and having been close to the church community, I have always had the opportunity to volunteer through missionary work. However, I have never taken advantage of these opportunities, until now. I am fortunate to have learned about this opportunity, but lucky enough to have taken the courses required for the program without knowing – I think that goes without saying that I am passionate about sustainability and practicing it.

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Personal Definition of Sustainability

Sustainability is a lifestyle that one should embody. We should all be ambassadors of the world and practice all decisions in the interest to sustain the living conditions and resources humans need to live. As much as developing sustainable practices is important, it is also equally important to sustain a change in the educational culture needed to sustain the social, economic, and ecological aspects of an individual’s well being. As such, it is important to educate and ensure all opportunities of academics are available for everyone - and to teach those who do not.


This topic is relatively new to me as a student, as such, I haven’t been involved many sustainability-related projects. However, I am very, very excited to be able to participate in the Africa Service Learning Program that will take place this May 2014, where I will have the opportunity to teach the case-learning culture to a class in a partnered university in Africa. Moreover, I have decided to remain in Africa for the remaining summer and pursue further volunteer and work experience. I am currently deciding on what to do, but it is certain that I will be staying longer. I have the opportunity to stay with the partnered university or pursue other opportunities including Western Heads East, a community response to the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa through the establishment of a disease-fighting probiotic yogurt.

John Lee

John Lee

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