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Julie Forrester

I believe that life is a journey and the greatness of your journey is determined by two things; the people with whom you choose to travel and the things you do along the way.The people I chose to be with are my amazing parents and my brother, who is my best friend. They define my values and guide my decisions.I am also a person who chooses to take opportunities wherever possible and that has led me to where I am now.I am a Canadian Champion synchronized skater, a successful university student and a hard-working Residence Don.I define myself by the chances I take and the lessons I learn from trying, rather than by my success or failure.

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Personal Definition of Sustainability

I define sustainability as developing long-term solutions to complex problems.I believe that sustainable solutions do not necessarily differ dramatically from a shot term solution, but they provide resources to maintain the solution indefinitely.This may come in the form of a drastic change in perspective around an issue or simply a change in procedure that redirects resources to an area in a way that benefits all stakeholders.A sustainable business has a positive impact on the societies in which they operate, including their community, the planet and the people with whom they interact, be it consumers or employees.


I engaged in a couple sustainability related projects.Some of these have been through my job as a residence staff member. I was able to help organize a Delaware team for the Run the Cure to raise money for breast cancer earlier this year.Last year I participated in a tree-planting trip here in London.We also participate in Shinerama each year, raising money for Cystic Fibrosis.

The largest sustainability related project I have done is my summer internship in Uganda.This past summer, I spent six weeks in a rural area of Uganda helping with various projects.My main role was assisting with setting up 20 Savings and Loan groups among farmers of local villages.We ran a six day training session and went on follow-up field visits to assist with implementation.I also went to a few local high schools and had discussions on Leadership, Women in School, etc. depending on the audience.While not without many difficulties and challenges, this trip was an amazing experience and taught me so much about Ugandan culture and the impact of societal norms on how solutions to issues are framed and implemented.

This summer I am currently researching non-profits in London where I would like to intern/volunteer.

Julie Forrester

Julie Forrester

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