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Zoe Woods

I came to Ivey from the Modern Languages and Literatures program. I spent my first two years at Western taking a breadth of courses, from Arabic to Intimate Relations to Chemistry, and getting as involved as I could. I was on my residence council, faculty council and school newspaper staff. Continuous learning and community involvement are very important to me because I want to learn as much – and give back as much – as I can. I have continued my commitment to academics and extra-curricular involvement since coming to Ivey as Section Representative of WIM and Harvard Model UN delegate.

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Personal Definition of Sustainability

I see sustainability as a way of thinking, one that can be applied to business or lifestyle. Sustainability is thinking with a long-term orientation about the impact that your actions will have on future generations. Sustainable thinkers look to improve the world around them though constant innovation that challenges conventional thinking. I am interested in sustainability because I see it as a broader extension of community involvement, which is so important to me. A commitment to sustainability is a commitment to bettering the community you live in and giving back as much as you can.


My biggest involvement in sustainability projects has been through community service both at home and abroad. I have visited Costa Rica, Thailand, India, New Orleans and Winnipeg on a variety of service trips (pictured in the collage), exploring issues of development and sustainability. These trips have given me interesting insight into the work of non-profit organizations and their benefits and limitations. These trips have increased my interest in exploring the role that businesses or for-profit charitable organizations can play in development going forward, potentially as more sustainable options. This summer it is my hope to enroll in the Africa Service Learning Course and continue this learning. I am hoping it will be an immersive experience in which I can learn about the challenges of developing nations first hand and the role the rest of the world might be able to play in helping developing nations.

Zoe Woods

Zoe Woods

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