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I grew up in a small town in Ontario always playing outside. This developed my appreciation for the environment from a young age and I often participated in tree plantings during my summers off to try and make a difference. More recently, my experiences travelling on an exchange to Europe and on Western’s Alternative Spring Break trip to Trinidad opened my eyes to the social issues faced in many areas of the world and inspired me to help champion change. I plan on pursuing sustainable consulting to do my part to solve these global problems and make my mark.


What is your personal definition of sustainability?

To me, sustainability means thinking long term. It means looking past immediate gratification and results and focusing on the impact of one’s actions to maintain balance. To be sustainable, an action must be able to be continued in perpetuity without losing any effectiveness. This definition of sustainability applies to environmental, social, and economic issues, all of which are vital to ensure future generations can enjoy the same luxuries we have today.


What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?

My career goal is to enter sustainability consulting. I believe that the best way to make an impact in today’s world is to spark as many little changes as possible. Through a consulting career, I hope to implement practices and standards within a broad range of client companies that enable stewardship and greater environmental accountability. Doing this, I can help to make sustainability a more discussed topic and a bigger focus in the Canadian workplace.

Beyond sustainability consulting, I would like to be involved in the transition of Canadian cities towards reducing their carbon footprints and eventually approaching net zero carbon emissions. As difficult and long winded as this project may be, I believe that this approach is the only way forward to escape the current climate emergency. By championing this cause, I hope to drive change in Canadian cities towards a healthier future.

Outside of my professional life, I aim to continue involvement within the charity space and dedicate my time to helping ensure an equitable world for all. As someone fortunate to be born as a Canadian, I value my ability to help and give back to those with less opportunity.


What sustainability projects have you been engaged in?

Earlier in university, I participated in Western’s Alternative Spring Break program in Trinidad. I worked alongside 10 other students to complete the construction of a library to help provide access to learning for a local community. This was an insightful trip that taught me a great deal about the living conditions that other groups of people around the world face, and it inspired me to work harder to make a difference in the future.

In a past summer I worked for the provincial government where I helped with case work for various social and environmental issues. Two of my most noteworthy projects involved helping an individual in need gain access to government and medical resources and helping to maintain the natural infrastructure of a Cambridge conservation area. This position presented an exciting opportunity to see how impactful my own actions can be.

I am currently working on the Impact Consulting Project with two classmates to help improve the service of Nokee Kwe, an employment assistance organization in London focused on empowering and assisting the Indigenous community.

Adam Dotzert

Adam Dotzert

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