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I am a highly motivated and hard-working student with developed leadership, teamwork and analytical skills. I consistently look for opportunities to use these skills to better local and global communities. I have advanced my leadership skills as an Orientation Peer-Leader, ensuring student’s successful transition to university. I also volunteered for Western’s Alternative Spring Break, a cross-cultural learning experience abroad. I have engaged her entrepreneurial spirit through becoming a Landlord and Property Manager for a residential property in my community. I have also spent many summers volunteering as a counsellor at the National Music Camp of Canada, after personally benefitting from the program as a child.


What is your personal definition of sustainability?

To me, sustainability means being cognizant of how the actions you are taking will affect local and global communities, both socially and environmentally.


What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?

In my professional career I hope for sustainability to be the lens in which I analyze information that I eventually make decisions from. I do not necessarily want to work for a solely sustainability focused organization, but rather bring sustainability into the different industries and functions I work in. Sustainability is a passion of mine, and I believe that to be a successful organization, one must make decisions always keeping social and environmental sustainability in mind.


What sustainability projects have you been engaged in?

In my first year of university, I participated in Alternative Spring Break in Trinidad. There was a big learning curve for our team; many of us wanted to achieve concrete goals, such as finishing the floor of the school, while community partners were focused on building relationships with us as an intercultural experience. I helped the group come to the conclusion that reframing our goals to match those of the community would allow us to leave Trinidad knowing we achieved what we went there to do: to serve the community in a way that truly benefitted them. This experience showed me how sustainability can be different across different communities and contexts, further helping me create my own definition of the word.

Catherine Mihevc

Catherine Mihevc

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