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My goal is to build a social enterprise with two focuses: one is to educate individuals on ways to create tangible social impact, while the other is to bring green technologies into large corporations across all sectors. As future business leaders, it is our mission to tackle global challenges such as climate change, food insecurity, and unequal accessibility to opportunities. I wish to make the world a better home for all human beings by combining business knowledge and skills with a true passion for social impact.


What is your personal definition of sustainability?

I create social impact by educating myself on the issues the world faces and their potential solutions, then taking tangible actions to drive positive change. Impacts of small actions accumulate. Reducing the use of single-use plastic consumption reduces the 13 million metric tons of plastic contaminating oceans each year; mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters serves as role-models for youths; purchasing local propels a circular economy… Any action that contributes to the vision of a better world is an act of social impact. A single person’s effort may seem insignificant, but the accumulation of efforts will achieve unimaginable results.


What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?

I aim to build a social enterprise that will create large-scale impacts and discover cures instead of band-aid solutions. I envision a platform where experts educate individuals, especially children, on how to create tangible small-scale impact. This platform will plant seeds that fuels the future generation of change-catalysts. I also aim to introduce sustainable innovations that will cause a shift in corporations’ organizational DNAs. These innovations will improve profitability by cutting material and operation costs, while cleaning, restoring, and developing a green earth. These actions will shift shareholders’ values and unlock businesses’ potentials to create social impact.

In the short term, my goal is to maximize my exposure to learning opportunities, perspectives, and network in the social impact field. Within three years upon graduation, I will embark onto my social entrepreneurial journey. However, I have much to learn. The Ivey Sustainability Certificate will provide me incredible opportunities for valuable learnings, connected network, and social impact experiences.


What sustainability projects have you been engaged in?

I have been involved in both the social impact field for more than six years now. The Tohoku tsunami that claimed the lives of over fifteen thousand people sparked my desire to provide aid to vulnerable individuals. I joined the Canadian Red Cross in 2013 and later became president. With a team of exceptional executives, and the goal to provide large-scale support to others, we grew the club to the largest charitable organization in my high school. Serving as the President of Red Cross taught me the importance of serving others. Acting with a “Go-Giver” mentality produces higher societal impacts and personal satisfaction, leading to my works as an Ivey Community Consulting Project consultant that directly impacted the future of 183 children. As an active member of the Ivey Social Impact Club, and with the help of Julia, I was able to participate in various events and panels to broaden my perspectives and knowledge on social impact. These experiences further solidified my mission to make the world a better home for all human beings through applying business knowledge and skills to the social impact field.

Jacky Shi

Jacky Shi

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