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Will is very passionate in the intersection between the renewable energy industry and finance. This interest is derived from multiple extra curriculars on campus, professional networking, and personal research. In his HBA2 year, he plans on taking this interest to the next level by starting to build his knowledge and resume in order to become qualified for a career in sustainability.

He is an active outdoorsman that enjoys hunting, fishing, and skiing. Though most interested in renewable electrification, these activities have also piqued his interest in natural conservation.


What is your personal definition of sustainability?

My personal definition of sustainability includes creating efficiency with the systems that affect human life. This does not only include visible parts of our lives but is more related to the back-end processes that give us our essentials; food, water, shelter, and energy. All of the aforementioned items are produced extremely inefficiently: large amounts of waste, carbon intensity, land usage, etc. Becoming sustainable means localizing production, reducing inputs, and lowering toxic externalities. I believe this is a very effective definition of sustainability because it is easier to convince the masses who may have a negative perception of sustainability.


What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?

Currently, I am entering the summer as an investment banking analyst likely covering power and utilities. I chose this because of the exposure it will give me to that is very applicable to renewable energy. After a few years in banking, I will narrow my career focus to focus on renewable energy finance. In addition to this, I have public-sector aspirations. It is palpable how important government relations are with the energy sector so I believe this would be a very impactful area to work in.

My plan is based off conversations with professionals in the industry, reading, and coursework. From these experiences, I know that a career in sustainability fits me very well. Frist, its fast-growing nature is ideal for recent graduates to jump into so we can become experts and continually grow our knowledge. Secondly, I believe that I would be very content with a career in renewable energy regardless of how far I climb the corporate ladder or see entrepreneurial success. In reflection, for me to have job satisfaction in other fields, I would need to be much more successful; however, the intrinsically positive nature of renewables leads me to think job satisfaction would be much easier.


What sustainability projects have you been engaged in?

I have been very active on campus with extra curriculars related to sustainability energy. At Ivey, I am a research analyst on the Ivey Energy and Resources Club and have written an article on company structures that make renewable energy easier to finance. Next year, I am seeking to be more involved as I will be applying to be on the executive team. Within this club, I am currently in a small minority of people interested in renewables and, as a VP, I will aim to grow that membership base.

On main campus, I am an Associate VP, Events and Finance on Student Energy at Western. In this club, we host a variety of events that expose our members to the world of renewable energy and sustainability. Currently, I am involved in hosting an on-campus sustainability case competition that will help Facilities Management at Western less carbon-intensive.

Will Moncrieff

Will Moncrieff

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