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Hello! As an individual passionate about change and interested in the intersection of business and healthcare, I am part of the Schulich-Ivey Healthcare Consulting Incubator. Under this program, I am collaborating with a team of Ivey students and a physician to develop a solution for pediatric rheumatology patients in London. I enjoy volunteering with the local community, mentoring students, and providing resources as the VP Academic of my section. I am open to chatting about social issues and how we can make an impact.

What is your personal definition of sustainability?

Sustainability to me means finding the balance between the needs of our society and the needs of our environment. If our society continues down its current path without looking at the consequences, we will fail to preserve the resources for the next generation to grow. Sustainability means holding ourselves accountable for our actions and integrating practices into our life that would bring us closer to protecting our planet, whether that may be purchasing sustainable clothes or recycling. One person practicing sustainability may not make a significant change, but the accumulation of many will result in a better future world.

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?

Within my professional career, I believe that my passion for sustainability will influence my decisions.

I hope to pursue Consulting as a future career. I intend to work with a company that not only values but prioritizes sustainability and has a goal to reach net zero carbon emissions. Historically, many companies have prioritized generating profit and increasing production, at the expense of the environment. Therefore, I hope to join a company that gives back to their local community and operates on a sustainable business model.

When working with clients across varying industries, I hope to spread my beliefs across a diversity of companies and make sustainable recommendations that would consider the impact on the environment. As a Consultant, I aim to educate on a global level, inspiring change within a company’s culture and policies. With my knowledge of sustainability, I would like to spearhead sustainable initiatives and join a resource group to help the company I work at become a leader in sustainability. As well, I will use what I learned from the Sustainability courses to improve my footprint in the workplace and encourage coworkers to make small changes in their lifestyles to help preserve our planet.

What sustainability projects have you been engaged in? 

I have been part of Rotaract, a humanitarian organization, for the past three years. In my first year, I held the position of Workshop Leader, and would teach elementary school students on topics such as equal opportunity and sustainability. I aimed to empower the future generation of leaders through designing workshops that addressed climate change and social injustice issues. Last year, I sat on London’s Rotary Board and helped high-school students plan a bottle drive event.

In my first year of university, I joined the Charity Committee of Science Students’ Council. Within this portfolio, I partnered with many non-profit organizations to extend volunteering opportunities to the student body. My most rewarding experience was working with Reforest London, where I led a group of students to plant trees.

Lastly, in high-school, I co-created a science fair project which tested the most effective methods to remove oil spills from water. I sourced water from a local river and tested innovative methods such as using microbes. Ultimately, my group won second place in the fair and was awarded as the Teachers’ Favourite.

Armed with knowledge from the sustainability courses, I hope to continue making an impact both inside and outside of the classroom.

Flora Huang

Flora  Huang

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