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As a creative and curious person, I have a deep interest in connecting with others. As an empathetic leader, I am genuinely intrigued by what makes people tick, and like to explore new ideas along side others. I have a passion for strategy, communications, tech, and sustainability .I enjoy thoughtful conversations on how to save the planet through business and relish in distilling complex challenges into simple problem statements. I am an effective communicator that can influence in a consultative manner and lead with integrity, always. In my spare time I enjoy fitness, gaming, travel, films, and good times with friends.

What is your personal definition of sustainability?

Sustainability is forward looking–it is reimagining business practices to create a more prosperous future for the planet. A Chinese proverb states: The best time to plant a treewas20 years ago, the second-best time is now. By “planting the tree” now, represented through promotion and adoption of sustainable business practices, it sets humanity up for success in the future and now. To me, this success will be defined by a world that thrives and rejuvenates past the age of the Anthropocene, including alignment to UN SDGs, social impact ROI, and significant traction for Truth and Reconciliation.

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?

Unapologetically, we should be creating cultures of sustainability in the private sector as the long game. Shareholder interest is beginning to shift, and companies and organizations not adapting to this emerging trend will see a drop in their value and profitability; therefore, businesses must commit to some level of consciousness about sustainability. I seek a career in sustainability consulting or working for a company who places social purpose at the core of their operations. Ideally, a career in sustainability becomes less about the practice and more about the embedded, intrinsic value. I hope my journey will allow me to activate the notion that the needs of the present shouldn’t compromise the needs of the future–business success shouldn’t bargain against societal wellbeing; they can be interdependent. I desire to have an impact and lead strategy for companies who are beginning to explore the value of sustainability, driving better business practices, and sustainable excellence. I would like to be in a purpose-driven career or launch a venture or social enterprise that “plants trees” now–builds products, recruits talent, selects supply chain, and acquires customers equally focused on sustainability and impact.

What sustainability projects have you been engaged in?

During my anthropology studies at Western, we explored sustainability through excavation practices and ethical archeology in which we examined cultural resource management cases. For example, we learned how to navigate the facilitation of negotiations between Indigenous Peoples and construction companies who want to excavate land with potential significance for the archeological record. Through our dialogue, we applied critical thinking and challenged assumptions based on implicit racial bias and long held academic narratives. The same can be true in business–challenge traditional business practice so we can nurture a planet and population that has every opportunity to reach its full potential. This was important exposure to environmental, social and governance (ESG) that set me up to further develop my interest in sustainability at Ivey. Additionally, this has inspired me to have explore my own social purpose–the value I create, who I am creating it for, and the expected outcome. I think back to my younger self, who habitually watched Animal Planet, saved the lives of insects, and lost track of time at the bog, and I know the sustainability vision I have for myself today would make the kid version of me proud.

Nick Fox

Nick Fox

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