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Hello! My name is Riley Carswell, and I am interested in fashion, thrifting, being in nature, riding my bike, and of course, sustainability! As for a career, I am interested in Marketing in the Automotive or Fashion industry. I am pursuing an Ivey degree with a Certificate in Sustainability because this business education allows me to uphold my sustainability values, gain a deeper understanding of sustainability in business, and bring this insight with me as a future leader who will be engaging with sustainability-related topics increasingly as its importance grows.

What is your personal definition of sustainability?

There are many definitions of sustainability, however my interest in the topic relates to climate change and the natural environment. That photo of me was taken on a26-day, 300 km long canoe trip on the Moisie Riverin Quebec. On this trip, my team experienced abnormal weather patterns for the area which created dangerous and problematic environmental barriers. Increase drain fall from historical records caused higher volume (very dangerous) rapids that increased the risk of the trip. Having experienced the effects of climate change on the natural world, my definition of sustainability is to deeply respect the natural environment as a powerful force that humans cannot control.

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?

I’ve always been interested in two industries, Fashion and Automotive. My recruiting journey has led me towards Automotive and I am thrilled that my professional career will unfold adjacent to the societal shift from the internal combustion engine (gas powered) to the electric vehicle. In pursuing Marketing, I want to be a part of encouraging consumers to not only accept but embrace the EV and Hybrid vehicle shift as a necessary change needed to stop climate change. It is important to me that my opinions and advocacy for sustainability are translated into my actions in all aspects of my life .In my professional career, I want to work for progressive and innovative companies who make and uphold sustainable decisions in all aspects of the business including but not limited to, actions within the workplace, products offered, manufacturing of products, materials used, and waste created etc.

What sustainability projects have you been engaged in?

Sustainability most frequently effects my decisions as a conscious consumer of goods and services. I am very passionate about fashion, and I am an advocate for thrifting clothing and homewares to reduce textile waste in landfills. I participated in digital marketing campaigns and focus-groups with Goodwill of Southwestern Ontario to encourage millennials to thrift. I have also volunteered with ClothingWorks-a non-profit organization in affiliation with Goodwill who assists jobseekers with interview approved outfits using second-hand, donated goods. You cannot thrift everything, but I almost exclusively source my clothing and homewares from thrift stores. I spend time with peers discussing misconceptions of second-hand shopping and raising awareness for it’s benefit for the environment, the community, and your personal style. Everyday I lead by example by wear a unique-to-me outfit that is thrifted, and it shows the people around me how thrifted clothing can be styled and worn fashionably. This commitment has never failed to change perceptions around thrifting. If not thrifting, I believe it important to support sustainable clothing brands who offer full transparency regarding materials, construction, and manufacturing processes.

Riley Carswell

Riley  Carswell

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