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Jimi KimJimi Kim
Temple University

Long Term Orientation and Corporate Social Responsibility: Multi-layered Evidence from around the World



Drawing from agency and stakeholder theories, we examine the relationship between time orientation and corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the national, firm, and controlling owner levels. In a departure from extant work focusing on CSR firms alone, we correct for selection bias using the Heckman selection model by considering firms with and without CSR ratings. Using a 44 countries data set, we confirm our hypotheses that CSR activity will be higher when a country has a long term orientation culture, the firm is concerned with future value creation, and the controlling owner is long-term oriented.


Jimi Kim is a Ph.D. candidate in International Business and Strategic Management at the Fox school of Business, Temple University. Her primary research interests include corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability, global corporate governance, strategic alliance, technology, and innovation. Her dissertation focuses on the role of culture and institutions on CSR globally. In particular, she examines (1) why firms integrate the interests of stakeholders into the strategy formulation, (2) how firm behaviors affected by diverse factors such as corporate governance, cultural, and institutional environments. Jimi earned a bachelor degree from Korea University, and studied at Shanghai Jiaotong University as an exchange student. Prior to pursuing her Ph.D., she worked as a manager in the telecommunication industry, executing cross-border investments, and mergers and acquisitions from 2007 to 2012. 

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